What’s So Great About Walking Tours?

Aamir Tour

Here’s Our Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Trip with Melbourne Walking Tour

Kellie Walking Tour

  1. They help you get your bearings

    New places can be exhilarating and exciting, but they can also be overwhelming and different! A walking tour helps you learn a bit more about your new surroundings and get comfortable in a new place and culture. Start off your visit on the right foot by having a tour guide take you, literally, step by step through getting acquainted.

    John Giving Tour
    John out the front of Flinders St Station in Melbourne
  2. Every new destination has its unique quirks:

    Take Melbourne’s Tram Network for example! So many visitors to Melbourne find Melbourne’s Trams confusing and our guides get to help guests learn just how amazing the tram network of Melbourne is.
    Walking Tours worldwide give their guests a local guide to deep dive with on the unique and niche knowledge to level up trips to new and different places! They’ll leave you moving around a city as if you’d lived there for years.

    Melbourne Trams
    Melbourne Trams Passing outside RMIT
  3. There’s just too much to do! 😱😱😱

    You’ve arrived in a new city and your itinerary is piling up and up, how are you going to fit it all in!?!

    Sometimes you just can’t get to everything in a city on your first visit. Walking tours can help you organise those endless possibilities! Guides can give you insider knowledge on the easiest ways to get from activity to activity and help you clarify what is REALLY worthwhile. Sometimes guides can even supply epic discounts for some the coolest things to do! They can even give you the local perspective on what’s overhyped and what’s under-hyped and what’s that one thing that EVERYONE misses.

    Queen Victoria Night Market
    Queen Victoria Night Market w/ Melbourne City Skyline behind
  4. Make some new friends!


    Lots of visitors to new places do walking tours! While visiting somewhere new you never know who you might meet while a guide shows you around. Recently, while running our Free Melbourne Walking Tour, I had 2 groups of guests planning a road trip down the Great Ocean Road. So I introduced them to each other and they realised their timelines matched so decided to join forces!

    Aamir Tour
    Aamir taking out a group of new friends!


  5. Local Knowledge!


    Our last reason is the simplest. No one knows their home like the people living in it. Walking tours gives visitors access to the knowledge of passionate local guides. Local tour guides are one of the most valuable resources travellers have to make their trips something special that they will remember for their whole lives!

And that’s it! Have we convinced you to join us for a Walking Tour in either Melbourne or Sydney? We hope you’ll make a booking through our website if so. Otherwise get in touch with us and we can let you know the best walking tour companies for other destinations!

Happy Travels from Melbourne



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