Hidden Gems-Fitzroy/Collingwood

Some Hidden and Lesser Known Bars Are Kicking Around Outside the City Centre.


Our Uncover Hidden Laneway Bars Tour takes place in Melbourne’s Central Business District. So here are some of our favourite bars in Fitzroy/Collingwood that are too far away for our tour to visit:


Above Board
Above Board hides over Beermash on Smith Street.

Above Board:

Located on Smith Street in Collingwood and hiding above the popular and easily accessible Beermash is Above Board. A bar of real class and intimate vibes you’ll want to charm Beermash’s bartender and see if they will get you in to this exclusive club.


Bad Frankie
Settle in at Bad Frankie
A Bad Frankie Jaffle

Bad Frankie:

It’s easy to walk right past Greeves St and the BF sign that indicates this lovely little spot but try not to. Head on inside for some phenomenal cocktails and mouthwatering Jaffles (a special Australian variant on the classic toasted sandwich). Finish off your night with one of their dessert Jaffles for a sweet ending to any evening.




Crane some old subway cars on top of a four story building, build in a bar and start slinging burgers. That’s what the crew at Easey’s have got going on in Easey St, Collingwood. Easey’s captures a relaxed vibe with strong New York City undertones. Whether you take the lift up to The Train or relax in their train inspired downstairs space, Easey’s promises you a solid feed and great drinks.

Easey's Train
Have burger and beer in a converted subway car


Bar SK:

A true diamond in the rough Bar SK is bringing Melbourne’s thriving independent game design community to the hospitality scene. Head on in for a great selection of beers and play games that are still in development from some of Melbourne’s top designers. This is an artists bar to its core, with dive bar vibes and unique art rotating through you are sure to have a new experience at Bar SK.

Bar SK
The Sign Says It All


Happy Travels from Melbourne ♥️

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