Grain Belt Beer and Minnesota’s amazing brewery scene

That iconic grain belt beer sign has been on Nicollet Island since 1950, but this hasn’t always been its home. There used to be an identical sign at the Hyatt in downtown, as well as a smaller sign where Runyons is located. In 1990 the sign was redone after squirrels had chewed through the wiring and now you can see it on Nicollet Island when you cross the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

The ‘M’ on the sign actually stands for Minneapolis Brewing Company, which is what the company was called, before changing to Grain Belt Brewery because it was synonymous with that style of beer. The brand is now owned by the August Schell Brewing Company, based in New Ulm, MN.

Companies like Grain Belt Brewery have paved the way for Minnesota’s amazing brewery culture and you can’t throw a stone in Minneapolis without hitting a brewery!

If you want to learn more about the brewery scene in Minnesota, you can book or bar tour of Minneapolis, which runs daily.

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