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Long ago, the “speakeasy” was created as a place to have fun while evading legal restrictions around gambling. In that same light, we’ve created a fun (but COVID-safe) event that lets you experience the fun of a real-world tour without breaking any laws.

We ship you booze
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Inclusive of booze, shipping and event

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  • Curated liquor flight — 4 x 30ml serves included
  • Access to 1 “digital speakeasy” live event, hosted by a live MC. Schedule yourself into one of the events when you receive the package, or if you have 6 mates ordering, request a private event

Not included/provide your own:

  • Shipping (calculated at checkout)
  • Glassware
  • Garnish/mixers

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 35.5 cm

Beer, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whisky


Standard, Middle Shelf, Top Shelf


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Our Guarantees

  • Shipping included
  • Join our weekly public event, or order a private event if you and your mates order 6 or more

Quick Look

Isolation doesn’t have to  be isolating. Our Digital Speakeasies were made to recreate the spark of our Hidden Bar Tour from the comfort of your couch.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick Your Poison — You choose your category of spirit, and we’ll work with a local, independent liquor supplier to ship to you on the following Monday. You’ll receive 4 x standard serves (30ml)
  • Toast over a beer (or cider/soda) at one of Melbourne’s best pubs
  • Learn how Melbourne became a city through key moments over the last 175 years

Digital Speakeasy Home Drinking Event

Long ago, the “speakeasy” was created as a place to have fun while evading legal restrictions around gambling. In that same light, we’ve created fun (but COVID-safe) tours from home that lets you experience the fun of a real-world tour without breaking any laws.

  • Escape the confinement of isolation for the perfect getaway
  • Experience the newest way to go on a holiday from the comfort of your home
  • No more awkward pauses or tech issues — our MCs will be live in the room to facilitate both the tasting and meeting new people from around the globe
  • Top-shelf quality whiskies for every palate
  • No boring lectures — your designated Party Captain will get everyone involved with mini-games, trivia and more

Isolation doesn’t have to  be isolating. Speakeasy was created to recreate the spark of a famous Hidden Bar tour from the comfort of your couch.

Join your guides in our tours from home as they bring you on a virtual tour of their favourite things — whiskies and gins, cheeses and beers, wines and more wines.

Digital Speakeasy Tour Full Description

Your experience will begin with the arrival of our hand-curated goodie box containing the edible and drinkable elements of your event. Resist the urge to consume them right away — good things come to those who wait.

Your box will contain detailed instructions on how to prepare for your event. Follow those instructions carefully, then get ready for an evening of escape.

Your event will take place via video conference — one that doesn’t suck. Our MCs will be present to ELIMINATE THE AWKWARD part of online conversations.

Have you ever been in a video conference with:

  • Two people speaking over one another
  • One person forgets to mute the microphone so all that can be heard is the dog barking
  • Forehead close-ups
  • The world’s longest awkward pause

Our MCs are here to avoid all this — by guiding the conversation, ensuring Bob mutes his microphone BEFORE he heads for the toilet, and asking Brenda to adjust her camera, your MCs will ensure your event is a fun and friendly replacement for an in-person experience.

Our tour guides have been rebranded as MCs as they lead fun-filled digital events focusing on whisky, gin, beer, wine, cheese, or whatever else might be of interest.

Your event will begin with an introduction to the others in your event. After introductions, you’ll begin your first tasting session. Your MC swill provide tasting notes, then teach you the perfect way to taste from home.

What follows is two hours of tastings, mini-games, mini-sessions. By the end of the event you’ll have made fast friends with your co-participants, and the fun will continue in the days to come as you converse with your team and try additional samples.

It’s a social event built for the COVID-19 world. Just because we’re isolating doesn’t mean we should feel isolated.


Friendly, Experienced Guide

Coffee/tea and beer included

Guaranteed small group size

Starting Point

Your tour begins at Gordon Reserve (74-108 Spring St) – this is a park with a fountain and is located between the Parliament and Old Treasury Buildings.

Complete Melbourne Walking Tour FAQs

Can I purchase Tours From Home as a gift?

Heck yes you can! Just enter the lucky person’s address at checkout and we’ll handle the rest from there.

Want to make sure you both register for the same Digital Speakeasy? Just indicate you’re registering for two on our registration page and we’ll take care of the rest.

Where do you get your booze?

For three years, we’ve offered Melbourne’s largest bar tour, Uncover Hidden Laneway Bars. In the process, we’ve developed good relationships with some of the cities best bars — Beneath Driver Lane, Seamstress, Whisky Den, and more.

We’ve partnered with these licensed locations to curate incredible packages. That means your hosts are physically going to the venue and rebottling (into sample bottles) and shipping them to you by hand.

Can I do this with my spouse/live-in partner/roommate/dog?

Sure thing! Just add “2” to the order quantity and we’ll ship them your way.

We do not advise you serve your dog whisky.

Do you ship internationally?

Yup — we’ll just charge you the cost to us of shipping it to you.

What booze are in my package?

Really good stuff — but that’s the most we can tell you.

Since we work with local bars, we work with what they have in stock to create the best, most unique package available at the time of shipping. This will change on a weekly basis, but will always be a unique selection you’re not going to find at your local bottle-o.

Where do I sign up for a date?

Since shipping times are variable, we ask you only to sign up after you’ve received your tours from home care package.

Once you receive the package, we’ll set up anytime that works for you — we’ve even run events at 3:30am to cater to some time zones.

6 participants are required per event, so if you don’t have 5 others participating, you can join one of our weekly public Tours From Home at a fixed time.

Do I have to attend the digital event if I order?

Nope. We created this event in the midst of COVID-19 as a way to be social in spite of forced isolation. We think our digital events are damn fun, and we think you’ll think so too.

That said, if you’d prefer to enjoy some premium booze without the need to connect digitally, be our guest.

Do I need to download anything or have a computer?

Nope! We’ve worked hard to make sure our software works on all devices. So tune in from whatever device you’re comfortable with.

Laptops and desktops can be a bit easier to manage since you don’t need to worry about holding your device, but we just want you to be comfortable — use whatever you like.

What's the difference in the prices?

When you visit a bar, the top shelf always has the most exclusive, rare and expensive spirits. In that same vein, we offer three tiers of liquor on our tours from home

Standard: Don’t let the name fool you — our “standard” ranges are still filled with amazing, difficult-to-find samples that are sure to impress.

Middle Shelf: This represents the best bang-for-your-buck. Prices in the alcohol world increase exponentially. You only need to spend a little bit more to get a much higher quality.

Top Shelf: For those with the most discerning of pallets, our top-shelf selection offers top-of-the-line, hardest to find spirits of an absolutely top-notch quality.

I'm a whisky-lover but don't have 5 whisky-loving friends. What can I do?

Our social events are created to be enjoyed by a group via video call. If you don’t have 5 whisky-loving friends, then have them order a different package. Your group doesn’t all need to order the same package — your group of six can have 2 gin-lovers, a tequila fanatic, and you.

If you’re still under our minimum, we run a public event once per week for solo customers so everyone can join. Now you face your biggest challenge: Not drinking the booze!

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