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Australia’s Largest Accredited Walking Tour Operator

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About Depot

Depot is Australia’s largest accredited walking tour operator.

Depot guides are passionate musicians, tattoo artists, beer-makers, and performers who don’t just guide through the city, they live and breathe it.

Choose a Depot guide to lead you through their favourite hidden cafe, secret street-artwork, or local lookout point.

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How is the gift card delivered?

We send our gift cards electronically.

When checking out, you can add the recipients details and we will deliver the gift card directly to them, or if you’d like to keep it a surprise, just add your own email and deliver it when you’re ready.

What of COVID-19 changes my friend’s plans?

All bookings with Depot are fully changeable, cancellable, refundable up to 24-hours prior to departure. If lockdown throws a spanner in the works, the booker can contact our team directly to arrange a new date.

How long is the gift card valid?

Our gift cards are valid one year from the date of purchase.

What if I want to buy an experience for more than one person? 

Simply choose from the dropdown menu the quantity you desire. The value of the gift card is tied to the cost of our tours.